Snowbirds Car Shipping services

Bats Motorsports is your leading Snowbird Transport company. Whether you’re Hauling south for the winter or north for the summer. Bats Motorsports has the experience to get your vehicles there fast and on time. Retirees and seniors count on us for snowbirds Auto Transporting. We will move your vehicle from north to south and make your life easier. We will Car Hauling your vehicle to anywhere in the USA. Save the wear and tear on your car and eliminate the extra stress this causes. Bats Motorsports will handle all of your snowbird Car Hauling needs. Your vehicle will arrive safe and sound on time. Whether you are from the Northeast, Midwestern United States, or Canada who spend winter in warmer climates such as California, Arizona, Florida, The Carolinas or elsewhere. If you are ready to go, please fill out our Transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

Snowbirds Florida Auto Transport

Winter in Florida and summer up north, we can handle your entire snowbirds Auto Transport needs. We also provide service for snowbirds that prefer the deserts of Arizona and California. Snowbirds are a big part of our clientele that use our safe, Enclosed and affordable Car Shipping services year after year. You can rest assured that we will get your vehicle delivered on time every time!

Snowbird Car Hauling routes

In the U.S., snowbird Transport routes are from the northeast to the south east, starting from Montréal and Toronto, down to New York, Maine, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and ends within Florida. This route, which runs through I-95, is by far the most popular snowbirds Auto Transporting route. The next route begins with Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA through I-5 running down to California and Arizona. The next route cuts down the middle of North America, from Minneapolis and Chicago down to Texas or cuts off west toward Arizona or east toward Florida.

Why are we the best choice for snowbirds?

We have the best, safe, Enclosed Car Moving equipment, and our door-to-door delivery service is second to nun. You don't have to deal with terminals or worry about picking it up at unknown locations.

Our multiple car specials give you the savings you need to get the job done. We at Bats Motorsports have years of experience with snowbird Auto Transporting. Our customers depend on us for Enclosed Car Hauling services and you can to.