Enclosed Car Dealer Car Hauling Services

Let Bats Motorsports deliver a new car to your customer

You have spent the time selling your customer their new car. If you are ready to go, please fill out our Transport quote form to receive a quote for your move. Let us at Bats Motorsports help you give the customer a great experience from start to finish. In most cases, the customer wants their new car right away. If the car takes three to four weeks or is damaged upon arrival this will put a bad taste in your customers mouth. Let us walk you through our Car Shipping process that will make the difference.


Our Transport are the most professional smaung4 in the industry. Our Drivers will give you a 24 hour notice of their arrival. When our Car Moving’s show up at your dealership, they will be clean, professional, and on time. Your dealer Car Hauling has a professional image and the company servicing you should protect that!


Are driver understands that your customer wants the car right away, and he will do everything in his power to get the car delivered as fast as legally possible without damaging your vehicle.


Our drivers will give your customer a 24 hour notice before delivery of their vehicle. They are flexible and courteous to your customer. They understand that when they deliver your car to the customer they represent you and your dealership. At Bats Motorsports, quality is uncompromised every single time.

Dealer Trades

We at Bats Motorsports service over 600 auto dealers across the nation, so we truly understand your needs. We know that when a dealer does a trade with another dealer he needs the car back on is lot A.S.A.P. In most cases, we will have the trades pick up at the same time and delivered at the same time. This allows the dealer to get the car fast and cuts down on transit time!

We're Safe and Secure

Your vehicle will be Transport by the best. Many car dealerships trust us to Transport their new cars worth over $100,000 every day.

It's Affordable

Because of today’s competitive market, we're able to give you a fair and affordable rate. Unlike, most other Car Hauling companies.

Protected & Insured

Every shipment is insured up to the Blue Book Value of your vehicle. This insurance is rarely needed because your vehicle is well protected during Auto Transport.

Fast Transport

The entire process is fast! Most companies talk weeks, we talk days!

Tested and Trusted

Our testimonials speak for themselves. We have helped many people just like you Car Hauling their vehicles at a great rate. We at Bats Motorsports take a great deal of pride in every vehicle that we move safely and securely each day. At Bats Motorsports, we offer auto dealers a comprehensive solution to their Auto Transport needs. With our years of experience in the Car Hauling industry, we understand car dealer’s unique and extensive Car Shipping needs. We know what you need when it comes to Car Shipping to and from auctions, dealer swap meets, trade shows, and everything in between. We have the experience of working with dealerships all across the nation and have a reputation for quickly fulfilling their Auto Transport needs. We have spent years refining our proven methods that work. We promise that our communication and state of the art time management techniques will provide auto dealerships with the special services you require.

We at Bats Motorsports do offer discounted rates on full loads. We understand that there are times that automobile dealers need to move smaller numbers of automobiles. This is why we provide reasonable Car Shipping rates and relocation services for individual units and full loads.

Are you an Auto Dealer going to an automobile auction soon? Need to move a full load? Arranging a dealer trade? Like you, our Car Hauling business relies on Hauling your vehicles quickly and in a safe manner. Fill out our simple form and give us a chance and experience the Bats Motorsports difference!